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2018 Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS TC222 Cairoli Limited Edition Boots - Yellow Blue  New : 2018 Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS TC222 Cairoli Limited Edition Boots - Yellow Blue

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2018 Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS TC222 Cairoli Limited Edition Boots - Yellow Blue  New : 2018 Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS TC222 Cairoli Limited Edition Boots - Yellow Blue

2018 Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS MX Motocross Boots -  TC222 Tony Cairoli Replica Crossfire 3 Yellow Blue.

Here is a limited edition boot you dont want to miss out on! The legendary most comfortable boot in motocross history is now available in limited numbers produced in the MX1 World Champions colours.

The Sidi Crossfire 2 TC222 is genuinely stunning....dont miss out on yours!

Sidi Presents Crossfire 3 SRS, The 3rd Generation of The No.1 Offroad Motocross & Enduro Boot

The all new Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS is the evolution of a motocross boot which has won more awards than any other in the off-road sector — the Crossfire 2. Known for their excellent protection, comfortable fit and replaceable parts, the Sidi Crossfire 2 has been a top pick with dual sport riders and motocross racers alike.

The Crossfire 3 SRS is Sidi's newest motocross boot which has won more awards than any other footwear in the off-road market. The Sidi team made full use of their experience, professionalism, and passion to produce a boot that combines research and feedback from motocross champions in order to come up with this developed boot.

In a race, when you are testing the limits, the difference lies in the details. Boots are an essential element, since they are the main connection between the body and the bike, between man and machine. The boot must be sensitive, in order to best assist the movements of the feet; yet they must also be strong, to protect the foot from impacts and falls, all while remaining light and comfortable to wear.

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Cairoli Replica Overview:

  • The Crossfire line has evolved for the third time!
  • The brand new Crossfire 3 is manufactured in “TECHNOMICRO” and it is equipped with PU protections.
  • Both the tongue of the inner last with internal gusset and the back joints are padded with closed-cell material, to avoid water and sweat absorption.
  • The tip of the boot is entirely covered by plastic protection panels enriched by a geometric embossed design for more grip.
  • The boot is equipped with a metatarsus protection.
  • A rigid nylon insert has been added to protect the inner part of the boot in case the rider’s foot slides off the foot peg or the kick-starter.
  • The insert is replaceable by unscrewing the 4 screws.
  • The plastics of Crossfire 3, heel included, have all a new design.
  • The anatomically shaped heel is manufactured in PU.
  • Its particular shape has been studied and improved to provide foot’s safety in case of twisting.
  • The new heel assures comfort and stability.


Sidi Crossfire 3 TC222 SRS Joint features:

  • The Crossfire 3 is, as in the previous version, equipped with 2 joints: the first lower joint on the ankle, called “hyper extension block”, has a brand new technology. It prevents hyper extension of the ankle, of the instep and of the back tendon during front and back leg flexure. Such technology gives more safety to the rider.
  • The second joint, placed on the boot leg, improves boot’s flexibility and the boot leg adjustment. In this way the rider can manage independently the calf’s closure subject to his needs, achieving a comfortable fit.
  • On the back of the boot, between the two joints and the two wired air inlets, there is a graphical design made with PU insert.
  • The boot leg has a replaceable inner calf plate, produced in PU and a printed rubber insert, to protect the leg from exhaust heat, wear and tear. The calf plate features an inner double adjustment, which allows to widen the circumference of the boot and accommodate even wider calves and shin guards.
  • This regulation has been increased for better performance.
  • The front shin plate is anatomically shaped and replaceable.
  • Crossfire 3 uses a 4 micro adjustable buckle closure, each with locking teeth and micrometric memory-regulation straps. Buckles, straps and retaining clips are easily replaceable.
  • Buckles have just one fixing point (by a screw) and this allows an easy closure and the buckles to adapt to the rider’s position.
  • The main feature of the boot is that all four buckles work independently from each other.
  • A spoiler has been added to deflect stones and other dirt from the first buckle, and to protect the buckle itself.
  • The central strap system (in case of wear) can be quickly replaced thanks to 2 screws that fix it to the boot, and it is available in 2 sizes (40-43) (44-50).
  • Crossfire 3 is internally lined in Cambrelle (foot’s tip), while the ankle area up to middle calf is lined with a Teflon-treated air mesh. The Teflon treatment prevents the complete absorption of water and sweat.
  • Effectively, not holding water on the inside, the boot will dry quickly and the treatment also prevents the onset of mould.
  • Cambrelle is a lining that, due to its particular polyamide structure, is highly resistant to abrasion and provides a good humidity absorption, guaranteeing a rapid drying rate.
  • The upper part of the inner leg is lined with soft mesh and features a special padding on the shin.
  • The malleolus area is protected by an ergonomic closed cell foam memory padding.
  • The upper ends with an elastic gaiter equipped with an anti-heat suede protection-grip panel, by the calf plate. The gaiter closes with a Velcro strap, with soft PU insert, to prevent the entrance of stones and dust into the boot.
  • The boot leg is fully assembled with screws, stitch-free and entirely replaceable!


Sidi Crossfire 3 Dovetail SRS Sole features:

  • The new intechangeable sole has an innovative design and a revolutionary replaceable system. Design and technology are Sidi patented.
  • The shell, with a more aggressive look, is slightly higher for more grip.
  • Tip and heel are fixed, while the central part, subject to wear and tear, is replaceable.
  • The tip has a special pattern made of tiny grooves for more grip, perfect for Enduro too.
  • The heel has a fixed soft PU insert which provides more stability and makes the boot less slippery.
  • The central part of the sole is made with a rubber insert with a brand new dovetail system and 4 screws for more safety.
  • Functional design for the specialty.



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