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Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnets  

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Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnets  

Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnets

Your oil can never be too clean. That’s a fact. And it’s also a fact that oil filters can only clean down to a certain particle size, and still maintain the flow necessary to ensure there is enough lubrication in your engine. The engineers could install larger filters or more filters, but then there are problems with space and weight. It’s always a trade off, between light and compact, and efficiency and protection.

Everyone wants to keep their motorcycle running at its best, and now Motion Pro has a simple solution to help keep your oil cleaner, which helps protect your engine and reduce wear. A large part of the contaminants in oil are metallic, specifically ferrous. These particles come from all the moving and sliding components in your engine and the majority are very small in size, often smaller than 20 microns. These smaller particles will pass right through a standard oil filter, and accelerate engine wear. Keep in mind that during start up, when the oil is cold and thick, the oil filter bypass opens up and all the metal particles get circulated in your engine. You oil filter bypass also opens up at high revs because the filter cannot handle the high volume of oil being pumped by your engine at maximum RPM, and when that happens abrasive metal particles are again allowed to circulate in your engine.

This is where the Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnet comes in. Yes, I know it sounds like something you would see on a late night TV commercial, but this baby really works. It is a specially made, 6-pole circular neodymium magnet that mounts around the base of your oil filter, and all of the oil entering your oil filter passed around this powerful magnet. The Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnet traps the most harmful 5 to 20 micron particles before they enter the filter and prevents them from entering your engine, even if your oil filter is in full bypass mode. The Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnet can be reused up to five times, just wipe it off and reinstall it in the new filter during regular oil changes.

The Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnet was invented by Dave Ashley and Dan Smith, winners of an amazing run of 17 Baja Off Road Championships. Dan and Dave invented this unique device to help their race engines last through the extreme abuse of Baja racing.

The Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnet comes in several sizes and will fit nearly every oil filter available. Check out more information at, or head to your local dealer and pick one up for your bike today. Your engine will thank you for it.

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