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MotoGrip Trainer  

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MotoGrip Trainer  

MotoGrip Trainer


  • Strengthen grip and forearm strength anyware, at your desk to watching TV
  • Helpful for all types of riding, from MX to Enduro, ATV to minibike
  • When routinely used in 3 sets of 30 to 100 reps Moto Grip Trainer noticeable improves finger-hand-forearm strength
  • Built for high repetition endurance training

Available in 3 different resistance levels 30, 40 and 50lbs resistance

What Is It

Moto Grip trainer is an extremely effective finger-hand-forearm strength and endurance trainer. It comes in 3 different levels of difficulty: Green-30lb max resistance (easier)-for lighter weight riders and warming up, Black-40lb max resistance (medium) for average weight riders to train with, Red 50lb max resistance (difficult) for big guys or lower rep strength training.

Use It

Moto Grip trainer is very portable and easy to use, almost anywhere/anytime…at your desk, stuck in traffic, walking, on the treadmill…etc. Try 3 sets of 30-100 reps a couple times a week for best results over time. It’s also great for stress relief.

Why It’s Best

When compared to other portable hand/forearm exercisers MotoGrip trainer is superior; Gripp type balls-extremely boring and mostly therapeutic; metal spring devices with handles-awkward, uncomfortable and due to the fulcrum of the spring give an uneven exercise; hand held gyros-difficult to use.

Who Needs It

A pro rider, magazine/factory test rider, or any lucky rider that gets to ride several times a week year round, can maintain excellent grip strength. The majority of riders who ride one weekend day or a few days a month, however, are benefited by a hand/forearm exerciser to maintain strength and endurance. Anyone living in a northern or eastern state can maintain grip/forearm strength in the winter off season. If you live in the desert southwest Moto Grip trainer maintains strength in the hot summer off season.

What Else

Few people appreciate how important grip strength is. It affects your performance in most sports: golf, tennis, rock climbing, basketball, baseball, water skiing, jet skis, mountain bikes, extreme sports softball, harleys, snowmobiles, etc.

Crusty old enduro rider sez:

I use the black (40lb) moto grip trainer (I’m 6”, 185lb,A rider). I do 3 sets of 150 reps (with a 10 second pause @ 100) I wait about 5 minutes between sets. I do this a couple times a week. When I’ve built up to where this isn’t a struggle, I’m good to go for a 100 mile enduro or trail ride here in Colorado.

There’s a concept out there that says not to train your forearms because it trains them to pump up. I say “you gotta be kidding”. I’ve only seen my arm pump be reduced as my arms and hands get in shape. The key is treating them as you would any other muscle group, exercising over a reasonable period of time and don’t over train. One motocross magazine gave a tester a competing brands $40 forearm exerciser and had him use it for 5 days straight, then go riding. Guess what his arms pumped up, duh. What did they think was going to happen? The tester radically over trained during a short period of time. Building strength and endurance takes repetitious training over a reasonable amount of time. If hand/forearm fatigue is a problem for you, then building strength and endurance by exercising will show at the end of a day’s riding.

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