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Pivotpegz Foot Pegs - Suzuki RMZ250 2008-2009 ONLY  

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You Save: 39.00 - 29% OFF!
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Part Number - Suzuki RMZ 250 2008-2009 In Stock Buy Now

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Pivotpegz Foot Pegs - Suzuki RMZ250 2008-2009 ONLY  

Pivotpegz Footpegs

Only Stock left. HURRY!!

Pivot Pegz® have been designed and built to last and are backed by our exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY. Pivot Pegz are designed using high tech 3D computer modeling software and are a precision built product. They are formed by state of the art investment casting using high strength aerospace grade stainless steel before being CNC machined and double heat treated. Pivot Pegz® are then electro-polished to a high grade luster before finally having the exterior hand polished to a mirror finish which highlights the embossed logo and really makes Pivot Pegz® stand out in the crowd. The results are obvious - just check out the pictures throughout our website.

Internally a high quality PTFE BUSH is used and ample amounts of a superior quality saltwater proof grease is added to keep everything running smoothly. The unit also has O-ring seals at both ends of the pivot shaft to protect the internals and to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. If and when maintenace is required it is a very easy task due to the simple and proven design.

The strength and durability of Pivot Pegz® has been proven over and over again. Customers have written many testimonials to us complementing the build quality and strength of Pivot Pegz®. The Dakar Rally is one of the most gruelling off-road events in the world and Pivot Pegz® passed the test with flying colors

World's #1 High Performance Pivoting Footpegs
Only Pivot Pegz® have the unique & patented spring loaded self-centering pivoting action. This spring loaded action can not be understated.

A computer designed spring holds the peg in its central (neutral) position and provides optimized resistance and shock absorbsion during the pivoting action. When forward or aft pressure is applied, the peg pivots in a smooth and predictable manner. When pressure is released the peg instantly returns to its central position. The spring loaded action of Pivot Pegz® also provides valuable force feedback to the rider and assists in returning their feet to the central position.

The forward and backward pivoting action of Pivot Pegz® is limited to an optimized range of motion. The pivot motion range limits have been determined by extensive evaluation of both the movement of the rider and the movement of the motorcycle during many styles of riding.

Pivot Pegz® also give the user the option to remove the Pivot Springs and use Pivot Pegz with a springless pivoting action. This springless option has always been available on all model Pivot Pegz but quite simply tests have shown the spring loaded pivoting action to be the optimum set up but if you prefer a springless pivoting action then the option is available. It is a simple task to dis-assemble Pivot Pegz® and remove the Pivot Springs and just as simple to reinstall then if and when you require. If you require further information regarding removing the Pivot Springs and achieving a springless pivoting action please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Current Version: Mark 2

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