Alpinestars Motocross

In the small town of Asolo, Northern Italy where the Alpine star flower grows in the mountains, local leather craftsman Sante Mazzarolo recognised that the new sport of motocross was becoming popular all over Europe. Sante saw an opportunity to apply his talents and technical skills to design a new type of motorcycle specific footwear and began producing the first products bearing the Alpinestars name. Developed to meet the protective needs and demands of revolutionary riders exploring the boundaries of this brutal yet beautiful sport. The innovative boot that Mr Mazzarolo produced would become the benchmark for motocross footwear protection. Not long after establishing the company in 1963, Sante began working on a new, revolutionary boot to suit the needs of local motocross and enduro riders set out on establishing the sport of off-road motorcycle racing. Sante’s boot immediately became the industry leader and with the help of feedback from the riders, development started from the moment the first boot was produced. By the early 1970s, Roger de Coster had brought Alpinestars its first of many World Motocross Championship titles. Alpinestars Motocross clothing represents the pinnacle of innovation and technology. Featuring a vast range of exciting products offering the high levels of performance, comfort and durability you can expect from the legend that is Alpinestars, established since 1963.

  • Caps
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