Arcade Belts

Arcade Belts aren’t just designed to hold up trousers, they were created to spark adventure in every fibre as they clasp together functionality and fashion. Arcade was raised on the belief that belts can be designed to function better, last longer, and bring effortless comfort to the user. Built from the ground up, using better, more durable materials that were made for outdoor exploring, the range offered by this versatile, performance-minded brand will change the way you think about belts forever. Each Arcade belt provides a custom fit, a strong hold and the perfect amount of flexibility to keep you moving. The better choice for skating and for snow pants, hiking and hybrid shorts, Arcade Belts were designed and constructed with the modern adventurer in mind. Innovations include the stretchy Slingshot Tech™ that moves with you, not against you and the user-friendly, hard-wearing Acetal plastic buckles that make travelling through airports a breeze. Venture out with a better belt.