Caberg Helmets

The Italian city of Bergamo is where the origin story of Caberg begins, in 1974 they gave birth to products like the full face Articolo 100 and the open face with a peak Articolo 300. Now over 40 years on, Caberg still provides some of the best helmets around as they constantly look to the future with sheer captivating designs, avant-garde technology and breakthrough innovation that’s respected by riders from around the world. Caberg was the first Italian company to introduce a flip-up helmet on the market, and the second one worldwide, they pursued this mission as they truly believed in the vast growth potential of the touring market. It was this type of pioneering thinking that allowed Caberg to grow so much, their focus on smart helmets by combining look with functionality has enabled them to offer the highest safety and comfort while earning the everlasting respect of the motorcycle community. The Caberg brand motto is simple, yet effective, “Passion for innovation, and safety culture in the helmets production.” and this message is just as strong since the company were founded back in 1974.