Polisport Plastics

Polisport manufacture performance plastics for your motocross or enduro bike, started back in 1978, by a CEO with a passion for everything on two wheels with an engine, they focus on developing innovative solutions to protect all the important areas on your bike, at the motocross track or riding out on the trails. Polisport is recognised all over the world as one of the best manufacturers of plastic components in the off-road motorcycle industry, manufacturing OEM parts for most bike manufacturers, so you know when you buy Polisport you are getting the same standard as what your ride was born with. Polisport does it all, whether you need a full replica kit consisting of a front fender, rear fender, radiator scoops, side panels and a number plate or any parts individually handguards, frame protectors, skid plates, disc covers, seats, the list is endless and that's not even including all the pit & rider accessories they do as well, like fuel cans, bike stands and pit mats, they make everything you need to protect your bike from the dirt and the track battles and all at the highest quality so you can buy Polisport with confidence.