Back in 1969, two mates loved riding off-road and tended to crash a lot, fed up of bending their handles bars every time they crashed they had the idea to make their own. Combining their surnames Rosenthal and Renshaw to come up with the Renthal brand, creating light, strong, durable bars that did not bend. Involved at the highest level of motorcycle competition from the beginning turned out to be the best place to develop and test their groundbreaking new products, starting out in Trials but quickly expanding into the growing sport of Motocross too and have won a World Motocross Championship every year since 1983, proving they are a brand constantly used by the fastest. A global leader in the design and manufacture of motorcycle control components and all made in Manchester, Renthal continues to innovate, develop and succeed at the very top so if that's where you want to be, grab everything Renthal and Grab Life By The Bars!