Scott Sports

SCOTT has always offered the highest quality of products to Motocross and Enduro riders, goggles are the main focus of their off-road division and its clear to so why. It all started with an engineers innovative new design of a Ski Pole which quickly lead to genius innovations in other areas and 1970 saw Scott create the first moto specific google. Fifty years later and they are still a key product for the brand and everyone who rides through the dirt. Utilizing the freshest innovations, technologies and designs, SCOTT is continually pushing to provide the very best in motorcycle eyewear for riders. The Scott Prospect Goggle created a new chapter in the decorated goggle history at SCOTT. Benefiting from over 45 years of experience making MX goggles, the Prospect goggle pushes the boundaries of your field of vision along with providing exceptional comfort and superior lens retention. Check out their latest collection and get ready to ride!