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RFX Pro Rear Kawasaki KXF250 450 0417 Wheel Spacer


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Item code: 210053

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Pro Series Wheel Spacers RFX Pro Series wheel spacers are lighter and more durable than OEM. Constructed from 7075-T6 aluminium and colour anodised to increase durability. This helps to reduce surface wear and lessens the amount of dirt entering the hub which in turn extends the life of the bearing. Designed with a rear lip to help keep them hooked into the seals, this reduces the chance of falling out during maintenance, speeding up wheel changes. RFX products are tested and used by many top Grand Prix and British Motocross teams.

  • 7075-T6 Aluminium Construction.
  • Colour anodised for durability.
  • Machined rear location lip.

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CNC Machined

For a tighter tolerance Fitting Instructions

  • Start with the motorcycle on a box stand with the wheels raised from the ground.
  • Remove the large spindle nut and loosen any pinch bolts on the lower fork leg.
  • Remove the spindle from the wheel this may require the use of a brass punch and hammer if tight.
  • Front wheel will now remove.
  • The rear wheel should now be loose enough to push forward and lift the chain from the rear sprocket.
  • Rear wheel will now remove.
  • Remove the wheel spacers from the wheels.
  • Clean in and around the seals with contact cleaner such as Maxima Electrical Contact and re-grease under the seal.
  • Fit the new wheel spacers.
  • Make sure to open the brake pads apart inside the brake callipers to give you extra room when re-fitting the wheel.
  • Re-fit the wheels and push the spindles through.
  • Re-fit the chain and set the proper chain tension by adjusting the axle blocks.
  • Tighten the large spindle nuts to the correct torque setting.
  • With the bike of the stand pump the front forks up and down to align the front forks then tighten the pinch bolts.
  • Finally pump the brakes to re- align the callipers.


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Manufacturers Description
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