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RFX Pro Series Disc Guard Replacement Bracket Honda CR CRF 125450 0 Brake Disc Guard


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Item code: 210479

Pro Series Disc Guard Bracket

RFX Pro Series Disc Guards help reduce brake disc damage by preventing rocks and roost from hitting and damaging the disc. RFX Disc guards also feature a wheel spacer fitment to speed up wheel changes whilst the design still allows the calliper to be cooled by air for improved braking. Suitable for use with oversize discs. Fitment

Honda CR/CRF 125-450 02-14


  • High strength plastic guard.
  • Protects brake disc from rocks and roost.
  • Accepts oversize 270mm brake discs.
  • Allows air to cool the brake calliper unlike most OEM guards.
  • Bracket replaces wheel spacer for quicker and easier wheel changes.
  • Billet aluminium bracket construction.
  • High stick 3M colour coded RFX decal.
  • Multiple colour combinations available.
  • Model specific bracket is required.

Oversize Disc Compatible 270mm Oversize Disc Compatible Wheel spacer Fitment Allows for quicker wheel changes Fitting Instructions

  • Remove OEM disc guard, spindle nut and loosen spindle pinch bolts.
  • Remove spindle and front wheel.
  • Remove disc side wheel spacer and replace with new disc cover and mount.
  • Re-fit wheel taking care to align the disc into the calliper.
  • Insert the spindle and lossly tighten the spindle nut.
  • With the bike on the floor and with the front brake on, compress the front forks to align the front wheel.
  • Tighten pinch bolts and spindle nut.


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