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RFX Yamaha WRF 250 04-16 450 04-16 Kill MX Switch


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Item code: 211007

RFX Race Series kill buttons are an exact OEM replacement part. Complete with the same couplings, fasteners, connectors and exact cable lengths as the genuine part. Available for a wide variety of bikes.

  • OEM replacement
  • Accepts all original connectors
  • OEM cable length

Fitting Instructions

  • Start by removing the front number plate.
  • Carefully snip any cable ties holding the start and stop switch cables to the bars then un-screw the clamps and let these hang down.
  • Locate the connector for the switch on the bike, these are often close by to the headstock on the chassis but sometimes can be under the tank.
  • Unclip the connector and remove the switch taking a note of the routing for the wiring.
  • Clean the connector using contact cleaner such as Maxima Electrical Contact cleaner.
  • Loosely attach the new switch on to the handlebars in the desired position.
  • Route the wires as per the old switch and clip the connector together.
  • Check all free pay in the wires by turning the bars to full extension and making sure the wires don't pull tight, adjust if necessary.
  • Re-fit cable ties to the wires if possible positioning the cables to the back of the bars to prevent damage from roost.
  • Re-fit your number plate.

Manufacturers Description

Manufacturers Description
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