Alpinestars Boots

One goal, one vision, one pair of boots that will bring your performance to an utterly new realm. Alpinestars are the aviators of protection when it comes to their motorcycle boots. Right from their creation, the company made it clear that they wanted to bring innovation to their products, from branching out into road racing in the seventies to providing protection for Formula One drivers, this brand has a rich pedigree of protective equipment, and it all starts from the ground. Alpinestars have been behind a wide variety of high-performing boots that fit in with any rider’s aesthetic. Constructed from only the most premium of leathers whilst being patterned with the smartest tech, these boots grace the feet of countless world champions all across the globe and are quite simply the best footwear on the market. Always evolving, the Alpinestars footwear range is the legacy of motorcycle racing with Italian artistry sewn into every seam – Go for gold with Alpinestars boots here on DirtBikeBitz.