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Putoline One Shot Stabilizer Fuel Additive


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Product Sizing Chart

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Item code: 320540

  • Putoline One Shot Stabilizer Fuel Additive
  • Fuel Stabilizer is an advanced protection product specially developed for the fuel tank and the entire petrol injection system
  • Fuel Stabilizer effectively preserves and protects against corrosion and deposits caused by oxidation
  • Helps your engine start-up right away after extended downtime
  • Fuel Stabilizer keeps the fuel system clean and protects the internal engine parts from rust
  • Rock the motorcycle back and forth so that the fuel and Fuel Stabilizer mix properly and let the engine idle for a few minutes
  • Add the entire contents of the bottle to a maximum of 20 litres of petrol before putting the engine into long-term storage
  • Suitable for catalytic converters

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