Moose Racing Shift Lever - KTM - ORANGE

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Moose Racing Shift Lever - KTM - ORANGE
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Moose Racing Shift Lever - KTM - ORANGE

  • Moose Racing has teamed up with Hammerhead to bring you the ultimate shift lever
  • The forged shift lever arm is manufactured from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum
  • Anodized in a matte finish
  • The tips are anodized in colors per bike brand
  • Shift lever tip is a finely machined full CNC part with stainless steel spring
  • Anodized with UV protection to preserve color
Make/Model/Year Part Number Tip Colour
KTM 65 09-12 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0845 ORANGE
KTM 85 03-12 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0846 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 105 06-11 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0846 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 125SX 05-09, 11-12 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0848 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 144SX 08 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0848 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 150SX 09, 11-12 1602-0848 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 150XC 11-12 1602-0848 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 200XC/XCW 06-09, 11-12 1602-0848 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 250 EXC 05 1602-0849 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 250SX 05-08 1602-0849 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGEÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?
KTM 250 SXF 06-10 1602-0849 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGEÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?
KTM 250SXF 11-13 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-08ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?48 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 250SXS 06 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-08ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?49 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 250XC/XCW 06-12 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0849ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 250XCF 07-09 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0849ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 250XCFW 07-08 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0849ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ORANGE
KTM 250XCFWE 08 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-08ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?49 ORANGE
KTM 250XCFW/XCFW CE 11 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0848ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 300XC/XCW 06-12 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-08ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?49 ORANGE
KTM 350SXF 11-13 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0848ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 400EXCG 05-06 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0847ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 400XCW 07, 09-10 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0847ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 450EXC 05-06, 11-12 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0847ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 450/505EXC 07-09 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-08ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?48 ORANGE
KTM 450 EXCG/SX/SXS 05-06 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0847ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 450EXCR/XCRW 08 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0847ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 450SMR 06-07 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0847ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 450/505SXF 07-09, 11-12 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0848ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 450XC 07 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-0847ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 450XCW 07, 09-12 ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?1602-08ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?47 ORANGE
KTM 525EXC/MXC/SX 05-06 1602-0847ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_?ÌāÕÌâå«ÌāÕÌÄåÊ_? ORANGE
KTM 525XC/XCW 07 1602-0847 ORANGE
KTM 530EXC/EXW SIX DAYS 11-12 1602-0847 ORANGE

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